Building an Empire,future edition

For those of you who were around in the late 90s online may remember a series of articles from a guy named Colin Delia. Those articles and insights were all about building an online empire, and his information and guidance lead many an early internet entrepreneur to grow and nurture online buisness that made millions and perhaps even changed the very course of the internet.

Times have changed. Many of the empires from that time are long gone, plowed under by the relentless pace of the internet, changing times, changing morals, and changing technology. The internet of 2015 is dominated by players who are working for much lower margins, working on giant empires that have been often created in less than honest ways. The public's expectations of online content, it's availability, and it's delivery mean that the future entertainment empires of the web are based on doing things in a completely different way.

So if you want to build an empire inthe future, you need more than just a good idea...